My Mission Is Simple, But It’s BIG: To Coach You On How To Use Video in 2020 And Do More Business Online

I Coach Small Business Owners to Expand Their Brand Online, Using Social Media Strategies and Videos that Get You More Leads & Loyal Clients So You Can Focus on Doing What You Do Best.



I Coach Small Business Owners to Expand Their Brand Online, Using Social Media Strategies and Videos that Get You More Leads & Loyal Clients So You Can Focus on Doing What You Do Best.
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In Case this is the 1st time we’re meeting… online… here’s a bit of my journey that brought me to you here, right now. A place this small-town, farm girl from Freehold, NJ, never imagined she’d be… simply because the world I live and work in every day… simply didn’t exist when I was a kid.

Let’s take you back to the day my life changed forever…

21 Days after 9/11, I left my day job, and was on a plane headed to Hawaii, the first flight that went non-stop from Newark, New Jersey since that fateful day when my world changed. Headed to the most remote island chain in the world to start doing business online - on a full-time basis.

Did my friends think this was the coolest thing?

Heck NO! My Family & Friends thought I was crazy to quit my “secure job” especially after I climbed the ladder to earn the #2 position in the company.

“You’re going to … Tele-what? Tele-Conference with your clients who live in NYC? How in the world will THAT work?” They’d ask me with intense skepticism.

As much as I tried to explain that this new “internet way of doing business online” was going to grow, and one day be accepted by the masses, I felt like I was wasting my breath.

Fast-Forward 19 years…

Until March 2020 happened. Over the course of 48-72 hours, everyone in the entire world began to understand how it really was possible to do business from home, without ever putting your socks on. Or in some cases… pants.

But now, the advantage goes to who can do business online BEST. Who can do it the FASTEST. And Who can influence the MOST.

Right now, the business owner or Realtor, or Professional, or Influencer who has the best videos to capture an audience who looks forward to each new video will win. The content creator who has the ability to quickly grow a list online and build a membership of loyal clients will reap all of the rewards over the one who sits in shock, wondering how and why their world changed – literally overnight.
You can’t afford to wait a single moment longer before you get more videos out that are quality videos, captivating videos, in order to meet your future clients online.

And even as the world slowly gets back to normal with offices opening up, it will still be run very differently than it did pre-March 2020. And the one who knows how to grow their business online, and use video to meet more people in less amount of time than it takes to meet people one-on-one will win.

Let’s take a moment to look back to 2006...

YouTube suddenly arrives on the scene as a viable option for business owners to upload their videos easier than ever before. Sure, the channel was flooded with cute cats that created curiosity in their viewer, and got shared more than any other video on the platform.

But that fact didn’t stop my coaching clients to land more clients, media interviews on CNN and FOX News, and land movie deals, simply because they were the ones dominating the platform when their competitor couldn’t be found online. They learned secret SEO strategies their competitor had no clue about because they were still stuck doing business “the old-fashioned way”.

At the end of the day, my clients got all of those opportunities, dominated Google, and expanded their business so quickly in one year than they ever did previously, simply because they took action the moment I shared bleeding edge intel with them. They accepted each challenge I gave them, and they simply got online first, while their competitors sat back with a “wait n see” mentality.
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You’ve got one more opportunity…

Ok, so… if you didn’t take advantage of that wave of the Social Media Revolution back in 2004, or 2006, or even in 2012, when the platform grew like crazy, don’t feel too bad. Because this year, you’ve got your chance one more time!

As more and more professionals and executives go back to doing business the way they did before March 2020, you’ve got your next chance to hop on this 3rd wave of Social Media Marketing for Business, and capitalize on the platform.

Imagine doing more business online, without ever having to leave your home… or heck, without ever needing to put pants on!

Taking advantage of new technology and video marketing is easier than ever before, without needing a lot of tech experience whatsoever, nor a huge equipment budget.

Now’s your chance to produce better quality video. Creating captivating videos that will draw in your clients, the media, and a lifetime list of loyal folks who will do business with you again and again, simply because they feel like they know you from your videos, and they see you on their screen every week.

You’ll gain an almost “Celebrity Status” simply because they see you on “The Big Screen” and view you as larger than life. And certainly feel closer to you than your competitors who aren’t on the platform, streaming directly to their mobile phone every week.

Easier Than Ever!

Best News of 2020:

Until now, my Coaching and Consulting time has been reserved for the 1st Movers and Celebrities who caught my forward-thinking vision, and could afford my consulting rates.

But for a limited number of time, I’m once again going to re-open my business coaching club this year, for 25 fast-acting, committed business owners who are ready to produce more quality videos to grow their business online, faster than ever before.

This small coaching group will be comprised of Savvy Realtors, Authors, Speakers, Content Creators and Professionals who understand the power of video for growing their business online in 2020 and are willing to accept the challenges I give them each week over the course of the next year, and want that Celebrity Status that comes from having a Quality Show Online.

If you are ready to do more business online with video,

And if you consider yourself a fast-action taker, than I want to meet you, and see if we’re a match to work together. Due to the limited nature of this new group coaching program, there is an application process all my clients complete, in order to make sure my coaching is a fit for your needs and personality style. If you’re accepted, you’ll also receive a behavioral assessment to complete, which will help give me an accelerated view of how I can coach you in the best way possible, which will accelerate our results by 12-months or more, because of this report that’s generated once you complete the assessment.

There’s a lot more to the program… but we’ll get into those details after someone has reviewed your application to see if you’ll move to the next phase of the coaching process.

If you’re more of a wait-n-see kinda person, but want to keep learning from me…

Then you’ll want to get on my VIP Update List, so you’ll stay informed of the latest trends, tips and tools I get access to before the general public, and share them with my friends and VIP List Members. Oh, and the Good News – is that currently, my VIP List is FREE to subscribe to. You’ll also want to subscribe to my NEW YouTube Channel that I just started this year, specifically to help more small business owners and Realtors grow their business online.

One Last Video For you…

You can hear from my clients and audience members who’ve participated in my bootcamps around the world, and got the intel 1st hand, before the rest of the world got a glimpse of what’s coming in the world of online business marketing tools.

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